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Medientransparenzgesetz Oesterreich

Austrian Government owned Companies and Ministries need to report their financial contributions to media companies quarterly - this is the data...

State aid to financial sectors approved by EC

The European Commission (DG Competition) has since 2008 docuemented approved state aid measures towards the financial sector. Source: DG...

EU Budget 2014-2020 (MFF)

EU Budget 2014-2020 (MFF)

EU Budget 2011 (mio. EUR)

The EU Budget for 2011 (mio. EUR) as published by the EU Commission (DG Budget). Source:

Austrian Development Agency data

Some summary information about "signed contracts" is available on a project database on the ADA website, but the data appears to be very partial....

EU Commission Grants & Commitments

All grants and commitment reported by the European Commission

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