The database contains the following datasets:

Lasten Rotterdam

De begroting van Rotterdam

Baten Rotterdam

The revenues of the budget of Rotterdam.

Begroting Rotterdam 2012

Hier vindt u de Begroting van Rotterdam voor het jaar 2012.

State aid to financial sectors approved by EC

The European Commission (DG Competition) has since 2008 docuemented approved state aid measures towards the financial sector. Source: DG...

EU Budget 2014-2020 (MFF)

EU Budget 2014-2020 (MFF)

EU Budget 2011 (mio. EUR)

The EU Budget for 2011 (mio. EUR) as published by the EU Commission (DG Budget). Source:


The Budget of the Netherlands, as released at PDF version to review against: NOTA OVER DE TOESTAND...

EU Commission Grants & Commitments

All grants and commitment reported by the European Commission

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