The database contains the following datasets:

Uganda budget with sub-categories

Budget in ugandan shilling billions. Datasets got from and...

Uganda Health Budget 2014-15

The structure of the Ministerial Policy Statement for FY 2014/15 is in accordance with the Sector Vote Functions that serve to link financial...

Uganda Budget 2004-2005

Budget in billions

Uganda Budget 2005-2006

Budget is in billions.

Uganda Budget 2006-2007

Budget is in billions.

Uganda Budget 2008-2009

Budget in billions

Uganda Budget 2009-2010

Budget is in billion shs.

Uganda Budget 2010-2011

budget is in billions

Uganda Budget 1994-2014

Budget allocation of the period of 1994-2014

Uganda Budget 2011-2012

budget in billions

Uganda Budget 2012-2013

Budget is in billions.



Uganda Budget 2009-10

Uganda Approved Budget 2009-10

Uganda budget 2000-2001

Uganda approved budget for the following sectors: Security(Total) Roads & Works Agriculture Education Health Energy &...

Uganda Budget and Aid to Uganda, 2003-2006

Data for Financial Years 2003-4, 2004-5, 2005-6, plus planned spending up to 2009. Disclaimer The data used for this visualisation was collected...

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